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I am an Independent Management Consultant committed to providing the highest degree of value-added services to my clients.  In my over 33 years of work experience, I have occupied various senior management positions in different industries - as Chairman of the Board, Member of the Board of Directors, President, Chief Operating Officer and functional head.   I have facilitated and participated in over 30 strategic management workshops for different companies in various industries both here and abroad. 

I have network capabilities with other management consultants, economists, planners, architects, engineers, lawyers, accountants, brokers and  consultants in various sectors of the economy. 

As a management consultant, these are my areas of specialization:

For further information please refer to my brief resumé.  References and current projects will be made available upon formal request.

You may contact me at : (632) 8251766 or 5016101
                                        Fax No.:  (632) 8251766
                                        Cell phone no: 0918-9162791

E-mail: albert@albuenviaje.com


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