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Areas of Expertise

As a management consultant, these are my areas of specialization:

Strategic Management Services

  • Formulation of Strategic Plans

  • Consultancy on Strategy Implementation and Control

  • Facilitation of Strategic Management Workshops

  • Research on the external environment of the firm

  • Assessment of strengths and weaknesses of a firm

Work Experiences In Strategic Management

  1. Occupied the following positions that involved the management of the strategic agenda:



a)   Program Director
Land Investment Trust Program of the government
b)   Chairman and President
       (1982 to 1984)
Maunlad Savings Bank- then the housing bank of the Ministry of Human Settlements
c)  Chairman of the Board
        (1989 to date)
AAK Developers Inc.
d)  Vice-Chairman, Board of
      Chairman, Execom
      Chairman, Mancom
Dizon Copper and Silver Mines Inc., a publicly listed company involved in mining, banking and real estate
e)  President
       (July 1998 - Feb. 1999)
Ventures Bank (during the 8-month transition from Ventures Bank to AMA Bank)
f)  Executive Director
      (1997 to date)
Ateneo-Regis MBA Program of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business
g)  Assistant Dean
      (2001 to 2005)
Ateneo Graduate School of Business
h)  Associate Dean
    (April 2005 to June 2007)
Ateneo Graduate School of Business
i) Dean
   (July 2007 to date)
Ateneo Graduate School of Business
j) Member, Board of Directors
       (March 2003 to present)
The Medical City
k) Member, Board of Directors
         (1984 to date)
14 other  Philippine Corporations
  1. Facilitated the strategic management workshops of more than 30 corporations both here and abroad.

  2. Currently professor on strategic management at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business.

  3. Helped prepare, as lead consultant, strategic plans for banks, real estate companies, NGOs, educational institutions, food companies, law firm, stock exchange, a geothermal plant, a law firm and government institutions.

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Financial Management Services

  • Preparation of financial plans

  • Evaluation of financial feasibility of projects

  • Consultancy on business acquisitions

  • Consultancy on fund raising

  • Preparation of prospectus for fund raising

  • Actual fund raising

Work Experiences in Financial Management

  1. Assisted in the preparation of financial plans for about forty corporations during the last five years.

  2. Evaluated the financial viability of more than 500 projects since 1972.

  3. Managed a publicly listed company.

  4. Raised funds for companies like Fil-Estate, Golden Dragon Realty, Goldland Realty, Project Movers, Filkonstruct, AMA Group of Companies, Country Waffles Holdings Inc., a mini-hydro power project and others.

  5. Raised funds through private placements for a franchise operation and 2 mall projects.

  6. Worked with the following financial institutions:



Senior Manager (1974-78) Far East Bank and Trust Co.
Asst. Vice President (1978-80) IFC Group of Companies
Senior Vice President
Home Financing Corporation
Chairman and President
Maunlad Savings Bank
Program Director (1981-84) Land Investment Trust Program of the Government
President (1998-99)
Director (1998 to date)
Ventures Bank (now known as AMA Bank)

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Project Development Services

  • Preparation of project feasibility studies
  • Industry analysis and research

Work Experiences in Project Feasibility Study Preparation

  1. Prepared more than 50 project feasibility studies as lead consultant since 1984.  Industries covered are as follows:

  • Real estate
    -  Housing (low cost, medium cost and high cost)
    -  High rise projects
    -  Tourism projects

  • Food

  • Cement

  • Power

  • Agriculture

  • Printing

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Furniture

  • Mining

  • Banking

  • Industrial Gas

  • Memorial Park Development

  • Shopping Center and Hotel Operations

  • Township Projects

  1. Prepared in recent years, project studies on mall development specifically Monumento Plaza (50,000 sq.m.), Center Mall in Parañaque (4,000 sq.m.), PNP Medical Plaza cum commercial development (167,203 sq.m.), Consumers Place in Calamba, Laguna (10,000 sq.m.), Genmar Hotel and Shopping Center (15,364 sq.m.), Cebu Market (50,000 sq.m.), Apex Tower (587,200 sq.m.).

These studies have led to a sharper and better understanding of the retail consumer market in the Philippines.

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Consultancy Services In Business Format Franchising

  • Preparation of project feasibility studies on franchising operations

  • Development of franchising strategy

  • Development of an organization to manage the franchise operations

  • Preparation of manuals for all systems and procedures of the franchised operations.

Work Experiences in Franchising



Director AMA Group of Companies
- AMA Computer Learning Center (Franchisor)
- ACA Foods (former franchisee of Carl's Jr.)
- Mini Stop (Franchisee)
Director, Treasurer Cafe Do Brazil, Inc.  (Franchisee of four Mister Donut outlets)
Former Consultant BG Restaurants Inc. (Philippine Franchisee of U.S.-based Bubba Gump Restaurant)
Executive Director Ateneo-Regis MBA Program (Licensee of Regis University)

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